Glider creates platforms that uplift people and places by elevating the stories, issues and conversations that matter.

Glider is a research and conceptual agency, working in the area of human futures, strategic innovation and new form experience design for transformation and positive social impact. We focus our work on the big issues shaping our society and the future, and create compelling physical and digital experiences that move people to think, feel, be and do in new and fuller ways.

As a transdisciplinary studio, working across multiple modes for maximum impact, our work defies easy definition. Our partnerships with research institutes, NGOs, foundations, organisations, industries, governments, cities, festivals and the wider public, seek out innovative, and often unexpected, new ways to spark meaningful conversations about what it is to be alive, and all the fullness of what it means to Be Human. Our work spans placemaking, civil empathy, social inclusion, climate change, sustainability, philanthropy, ethics, human rights, geopolitics and international relations.

All of our projects start and end with people.

At the heart of Glider’s work is a deep understanding and appreciation of our shared human experience. We are endlessly curious about people, places, life and complexity and motivated to create moments that open people up and get them connecting and talking in new ways. We do this so that we can explore and better understand ourselves, each other and the world we inhabit, so that we might live well together, in the places we share and the future we shape.

Glider Special Projects

Hard Things To Talk About – Dinner Series

The Story of Our Planet Unfolds – Climate Photography Project