Addison Marshall is a practising visual artist and conceptual thinker. His focus with Glider is on research, trends and futures, as well as contributing to Glider Special Projects across exhibitions, immersive experiences, the public realm and the notion of place. Addison’s work blurs the boundaries between art, drawing and design to create visual feasts that mix innovative ideas and materials.

Addison assembles highly intricate and thoughtful installations using hand-built ceramic forms, and anything else he can find, to create pieces and places that pique curiosity and connection. His arrangements use object, placement, colour, material and order to spark poetic and introspective dialogues.

His work has been included in many group exhibitions and he has been the recipient of many awards including The N.E Pethebridge Ceramic Award, The Janet Mansfield Ceramic Award, The FONAS prize for Drawing, and Design Now for Object Gallery.

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