Ben Sears is not your run-of-the-mill chef. He’s the kind of chef who shapes the culinary culture of a city – in a good way.

After creating Moon Park in Redfern, which was recognised in the top five Korean restaurants in the world, Sears went on to open Paper Bird in Potts Point. Time Out wrote that the restaurant has been executed with ‘masterful grace’ and the 7-day bustle of happy eaters is a testament to that, along with the open atmosphere it creates.

Previously Ben has worked in the UK and then in Melbourne alongside Chef Andrew McConnell of Supernormal, at Cutler & Co.

Ben and his partner (in work and love) Eun Hee An’s Sydney restaurants have earned praise both at home and globally, with the chefs being described by Gourmet Traveller as two of ‘the most consistently inventive and savvy cooks in the country’. Pwoar!

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