Lekki brings over 20 years experience working on long-term, large-scale projects across Europe, Australia, the UK, the US, Asia and the Middle East.

Her transdisciplinary approach draws on her expertise in futures, transformation, strategy, innovation, creative direction, communications and design, and is underpinned by human-centred research, change theory and dialogue architecture. The uplift and transformation platforms she creates, inspire and support new ways of seeing, being and living well together – across communities and cultures.

Driven by her endless curiosity about people, places and experiences, her work creates the conditions that are conducive to real conversations about both the wonder, and complexity, of being alive, and all the fullness of what it is to Be Human. Her work elevates the stories, issues and conversations that matter by bringing to life innovative, often unexpected, new forms that open people up and get them connecting and talking in new ways, so we better understand ourselves, each other, the world we inhabit and the future we create. She is a master of creating inspiring visions, telling beautiful stories and turning possibility into reality, in order to help shape the future of organisations, institutions, industries, societies and public life for the better.

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